uber lyft chat announcement

Introducing…an actual chat room!

Many of you may have found Uber Lyft Chat by searching for a chat room for Uber or Lyft drivers. The usage of Chat in the name was intended as a nicer way of saying discussion forum (the primary purpose of this site) and not a chat room.  The reason is that there are many people who want to ask the same question and I felt that something like a facebook page/group didn’t provide the searching and indexing capability that a discussion forum would.

Well, I’m not sure if some of you are bored and want a chat room or just wanted somewhere to sit between rides.  Regardless of your intentions, I have added a chat room to this page!

You will see the link in the upper right corner or you can use this direct link: https://www.uberlyftchat.com/chat-room/

Right now it’s limited to 10 concurrent users, but I can easily scale that up based on demand and usage.


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