Introducing…an actual chat room!

Many of you may have found Uber Lyft Chat by searching for a chat room for Uber or Lyft drivers. The usage of Chat in the name was intended as a nicer way of saying discussion forum (the primary purpose of this site) and not a chat room.  The reason […]

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I was frustrated by the fare cuts, then I started doing this…

If you’re like me, the fare cuts really hurt.  Sure, Uber says you’ll do more fares so you’ll gross more.  The problem is that more fares = more wear and tear on your car.  Yes, miles and certain other costs may be tax deductible, but it is still not as […]

Driving – the ultimate side gig for actors

Anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory on TV knows that Penny is the epitome of the actor/waitress…although not really in that order.  There has been a long running joke that everyone in LA is an actor of some sort, yet most of them work a side gig to cover […]

Top 5 reasons to drive for more than 1 platform 3

I originally started with Lyft and at the time I may have heard of Uber, but they weren’t filling my Facebook newsfeed with ads like Lyft was.  I got on with Lyft and thought I was set since it’s just a side gig.  Then I learned about Uber from some […]

How to ace your Lyft mentor session 2

I had the privilege of sitting down with a recruiter and mentor to ask him what he’s looking for and how to increase your odds of passing the mentor session. First, how does the process work? You fill out the application online and/or in the iPhone or Android app You […]

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Ten best gadgets and must-haves for rideshare drivers

Just in time for Christmas we have a list of all of the gadgets and gizmos you need to take your rideshare experience to the next level. Dash cam – although it might be illegal to record your passengers without consent or notification (although dash cams are the norm in […]

Welcome to Uber Lyft Chat 2

The goal of Uber Lyft Chat is to connect rideshare/TNC drivers across the world because we can all be better at our profession with some best practices and help from friends. Please join the forum and help contribute to your local section for hotspots.  Sharing hotspots with others does not […]