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6 thoughts on “About/Contact

  • Christopher Mismash


    My name is Chris. I am the founder of a new type of tax service called Taxzilla (taxzilla.com). The service is 100% focused on shared-economy workers, and rideshare leading the list. It is a very different service for a number of reasons, first it is a year round service that files taxes but also provides help and planning. Also, it works on a similar model to services like Uber, in that it matches people to CPA’s with the right skills and availability.

    So that’s the general overview. I was hoping we could connect and talk about any interest you might have in talking with us and sharing news with your readers. Also we are starting to do some market testing, and I would be interested in how you support marketing on your site.

    Thanks for the time. Excited to chat.

    Chris Mismash

  • Allen

    Just received an offensive and insensitive notification from both Lyft & Uber that they fully and blindly support foreign citizen drivers, in the US. I sent them both this reply…..

    John & Logan (& Travis):
    You seem to be unaware………there is a world-wide war of terror going on, people are dying everyday, and you have just revealed exactly where your loyalty lies.
    I suggest you immediately close down operations in The United States of America and transfer said operations/personnel to Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.
    President Trump will post additional expansion opportunities for you, as they arise. Don’t worry about us, your ride-sharing service will be replaced almost immediately.
    Your Driver

  • Brock Emery

    Hi there, would I get paid also using a referral code from a friend that works for your company already? I know they get paid, trying to choose the best referral code. There are so many and would like to make the most, I am hardworking man that does nothing but the right thing. Trying to find the Lyft office in Arizona?


  • wolf

    Great Expectation nothing more, nothing less !!! I applied to became a LYFT driver today 5-2-17 with a inspection appointment 3PM everything was great all my documents was right l pass the inspection and when l try to down load the LYFT application was having problem then l ask for assistant to this guy with name BOBBY who is the SALE TECH RECRUTING SUPPORT OF your LYFT COMPANY that was when my all EXPECTATION OF THIS COMPANY scramble down THE GUY WAS A COMPLETALLY … RUDEEEEEE , JERK AND WITH AND ACTITTUD ASSSHOLE who didn’t even bother to help me when l asked for it instead youth girl who was part of the group and other gentleman help me up with the problem finally work and then BOBBY said he will turn down my application because I commit a mistake to asked for his help then l thinking to my self why and ASSHOLE MAKE YOU WASTING MY TIME, GAS AND MONEY IF HE DONT GIVE A SHIT TO MAKE LYFT COMPANY BETTER THAT UBER OR OTHER COMPETITIVE COMPANIES difenetelly l would not even bother to work for it a completely disappointment

  • wolf

    For future PEOPLE who want to work as a driver THIS GUY BOBBY who work for LYFT COMPANY who work as a saleman tech recruiting is a REAL JERK RUDEEEE ASSHOLE don’t even go to PEPBOY 505 E FOOTHILL BLVD IN RIALTO CALIFORNIA Any way l already sent the message to the head quarter to LOGAN GREEN CEO AND JOHN ZIMMER PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY REPORTING THAT ASSHOLE OF BOBBY @@#$#$#%&#*$()%*^(()+)+):<

  • Rebecca


    I’m a long time reader. I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest article.

    I’ve been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers would get a ton of value from.

    I’ll make sure the piece overflows with information that can’t be found anywhere else.