Driving – the ultimate side gig for actors

Anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory on TV knows that Penny is the epitome of the actor/waitress…although not really in that order.  There has been a long running joke that everyone in LA is an actor of some sort, yet most of them work a side gig to cover bills until the big break which is usually waiting tables or tending bar.

Fast forward to last week.  Someone asked me if he should quit his day job to drive full time.  I do not recommend that because it’s nice to have benefits and a steady income because an accident or random deactivation can really mess up your income until it gets resolved.  This guy made a great point that by quitting his 9-5 he would be much more flexible for auditions and he has a good point.  Part of the stability of a day job is that the stability cuts both ways…your employer expects you to work your hours and frequent call-outs are usually not a good move.  Hence why driving is a much better side-gig.

With driving you can set your own hours so if a shoot goes long, requires you to return the following day, or gets canceled you don’t have to worry.  Just sign-on to drive when it fits your schedule.  I now know someone who has been able to go the opposite way.  He has been a full time driver for over a year and has always wanted to get into acting.  His ability to be on set all day and return the following day has helped him gain favor with the indie director.


Have you benefited from the flexibility of driving?  Comment below.

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