I was frustrated by the fare cuts, then I started doing this…

If you’re like me, the fare cuts really hurt.  Sure, Uber says you’ll do more fares so you’ll gross more.  The problem is that more fares = more wear and tear on your car.  Yes, miles and certain other costs may be tax deductible, but it is still not as much fun to do 5 rides for the gross fares of what 3 rides would have been.

So to make up for the lost revenue I’ve been doing a few things on the side.

  1. Since I live alone and have a spare room I’ve decided to start doing AirBnB.  I figured since I’m already sharing my car I might as well share my house too.  I made sure to keep anything I don’t want to disappear hidden and locked away, but for the most part, like Uber and Lyft, the people who use AirBnB are cool and respectful of your stuff.  Unlike ride sharing you can’t just work more hours to make more money, but it’s easily to passively make some.  Use this link to signup and you’ll get $35 in AirBnB credit (and I’ll get $35 in credit as well).
  2. 1Q.  This app doesn’t pay out much, but it does pay out instantly and that is very important.  You get either $0.25 or $0.50 per question.  Some questions are actually multiple questions and you’ll get paid a for each.  Others it is a single question.  They are all very quick and easy to answer.  You are judged by your response time and faster responders get more questions so if you get a question while on a ride it might expire before you can get to it.  I’ve seen a lot harder ways to make $0.25 online (Mechanical Turk…I’m talking about you!)
  3. Putting my referral cards EVERYWHERE.  Don’t do this to the point of being annoying to the property owner, but I always have my cards on me.  If I’m at a place like a coffee shop with a little display for business cards I place a few there.  Some weeks I make more from card usage than I do from rides so that is awesome!  I target large events and try to get people on the way in. That way they have time to set up their account before they need a ride.
  4. I started really working smarter.  This game is not about the hours, it’s about working the most lucrative hours.  Figure out when they are for your city.  Is it rush hour?  Is it bar time?  Is it both of those with little inbetween?  Also figure out when flights arrive in your city (if you are allowed to pickup at the airport) and make sure to get to the airport in time for those flights.
  5. Swagbucks.  A lot of you are probably already on Swagbucks.  I originally heard of it from another driver.  It took me a while to really get going with Swagbucks, but now I try to use it while waiting for rides.  If you sign up using my link you get 500 SB and I get 50.

What other mini side hustles have others used to supplement income?

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