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Ten best gadgets and must-haves for rideshare drivers

Just in time for Christmas we have a list of all of the gadgets and gizmos you need to take your rideshare experience to the next level.

      1. Dash Cam

        Dash cam – although it might be illegal to record your passengers without consent or notification (although dash cams are the norm in most taxi and shuttle services, it may not sit well with your passengers) you may want one to record the street in front of or behind you.  Many times I see cabs running red lights and making other illegal moves or in the event of an accident you have something to reinforce your perspective. (From $16.99 to as high as you want to go)

      2. Extra Charging Cords – Nothing is worse than having a cord fail on you during a shift.  If you drive late at night you may be able to get one at a gas station.  Otherwise you better find a 24-hour pharmacy or big box store.  I always keep a couple extra Micro USB (since I use Android) cords on hand.  You can pick up Micro USB cords for even less on Monoprice.
      3. Seat back organizer

        Seat back organizer – i know it is passive, but I have these on my chairs to make it easy to offer gum and other snacks.  It is always best if you can personally hand items to passengers, but that slows the trip since it’s hard for me to pass out goodies and focus on the road sometimes.

      4. Multi-plug DC outlet – you can never have too many plugs.  This one includes 2 DC plugs as well as 2 USB ports (a 1 Amp and a 2.1 Amp) ($12.99)
      5. Car vac – i love the high powered vacs at my local car wash, but when i need a quick touch up between passengers these come in handy.  Make sure you get the accessories so you can clean your crevices and vents. ($48.12)
      6. Detail supplies – This can range from wax, leather wipes, Armor All, rubbing compound, the list goes on. I also want to buy a buffer so I can get the swirls out of my clear coat.  Weekly car washes are nice to a certain point, then you just look swirly.
      7. Phone mount – I have a deep dash so a vent mount is the most logical for me.  I have been using this mount for over a year and it still works great.  Certain states don’t allow anything on the windshield unless it is in a particular location.  I like to have my phone to the right of the steering wheel so passengers can see when I start and end the ride as well as the route it tells me to take.  I think it adds transparency.
      8. Air fresheners – i love these because they absorb odors but are very neutral themselves.  I always get compliments on the smell of my car because it smells fresh without being overpowering.
      9. Portable car jumper

        Portable jumper/air compressor – I don’t always have this in my car (but I do always have jumper cables), but when i had battery issues earlier this year it was easy to keep in the car and use whenever I needed one.  If you have a trunk it might be nice to keep on hand for when people request us instead of AAA when they need a jump because they know we will be much faster. (Amazon has it at $99, but I bought this for less at Costco).

      10. Towels – just like hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy says…don’t forget your towel.  Towels come in handy for pets, sweaty runners, rainy days, and anytime in between.  Always have a towel in the trunk and you’ll be ready for whatever the night may bring.



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